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Lichtenknecker Optics, a professional eye on optics…
As a designer and manufacturer of optical instruments, we are honored to be at your service for the advice you need. In one phone call, you can have a specialized discussion about a matter that keeps you busy in optics. We will be communicating with you in English and hope to be able to help you.


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Lichtenknecker Optics, more than 25 years of experience in astronomy…
Due to our specialization in manufacturing optical elements in larger dimensions (dia. 60-600mm) it’s natural we’re in touch with the field of astronomy. Whether you’re a professional or an amateur astronomer, we’d be glad to help you with the realization of your project by finding the most adequate solutions for you. The range of products offered goes from the € 100 instrument up to customized projects of more than € 100,000. If you’d like to have more information about the wide range of imported products, or the own manufactured products, click on products.


Lichtenknecker Optics is also….
A shop with a wide range of binoculars, field scopes and microscopes.
A partner to discuss your problems about optics, illumination, …